Friday, September 7, 2007

Seasons Change

As I sit here next to a window on the Maine coastal town of Camden, I hear a sound not too many locals business folks like - the sound of silence. Only the waves crashing of the rocky shoreline break the silence before retreating back out to sea with the tide.
It's a week after Labor Day and the tourists have thinned considerably. Jules and I were able to drive up Route One from Portland this evening after work with relative ease and when we arrived in Camden, the long lines of cars sorting their way through the quaint town had subsided.
It's the quiet time of year that makes this place so special. The fact I can sit here and listen to the sound of tree leaves rustle before the first frost drives them from their summer perch and the slight hint of autumn chill in the breeze is refreshing.
Of course it also means that another special season is fast approaching, but I've decided to enjoy the fall for what it's worth. The picture on the upper-right corner was taken this time last year on my boat on Casco Bay and there have already been a couple beautiful evenings like that one. The evenings where the sharp firey orange sky melds with the azure horizon of the ocean. It's a special time in Maine.
A month from now, the tourists will be back for a few short weeks to snap pictures of leaves in their range of autumn colors before the winter comes calling.
Maine is a place of more then four seasons and perhaps only few ever really take the chance to look up every once and a while to notice. I am.