Monday, February 11, 2008

The Leftovers - kicking pop music in the a@@!

It's rare that we get such a unique and raw punk sound out of Portland, Maine. Sure, Portland's had its' fair share of "the next big thing," but aside from a bit of a solo sensation out of Brewer - about 150 miles to the northeast - Maine hasn't had much to spout about on the musical scene.
...And then there are The Leftovers. In between semesters of college, these guys are rockin' out everywhere from Genos to the clubs of Europe. With their hometown roots meshed with the influences of everything from The Beach Boys to the Ramones, The Leftovers sort of remind me of a cross between Rancid and The Dropkick Murphys. In other words, they are kicking some butt and know that getting an education is really smart, especially in their line of work.
Check you their myspace page and click on "Dance With Me," their current single.
The Leftovers
You'll be glad you did. ~J. Graffam