Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's time to save some dough on shipping!

As much as many of us like to shop on sites like eBay or Amazon, we also know that the shipping can sometimes be outrageous, especially if it’s a biding situation and the seller sets the cost. Whether you’re just across the border in Ottawa or across the pond in the United Kingdom, you will pay far more for shipping that you should. It comes down to basic supply and demand. You may be able to have the item shipped to you for much less than the seller, but the seller is the one doing the shipping, so they have you in a tight spot. Okay, but what if you are someone who shops fairly frequently in the United States? If you are someone who does buy and import from U.S.A., you can actually get a mailing address here and have any items you purchase sent to you stateside address and then forwarded on to you wherever you are in the world, on your shipping terms. Shipito.com is also a great service if you are starting a small business, need to warehouse products prior to shipping, and need a central location. People with eBay businesses have been doing this for years and it can be extremely cost effective, much more so that shipping on an item by item basis. A good distribution solution can be a huge factor is improving your bottom line.