Monday, February 11, 2008

Broken ski is worse than a broken heart!

Regardless of how many skis one has in their quiver, so to speak, everyone has a favorite ski that they love to ski on in almost any condition. Of course, this is also the ski that gets the most abuse and sees the largest variation in terrain and condition changes. I bought my Rossignol B2s two years ago and have been in love with them. In all but five of the 53 days I’ve skied this year, they’ve been at least used part of the day. The moment I dreaded, but knew could happen did, I snapped a ski Saturday. Sure, I’ve been thinking about jumping to a longer and wider Rossi, but not right now. So I suppose it’s a good thing the economic stimulus package passed as I went down and bought a brand new pair of B3s. Thanks to Sunday River Sports for giving me 30% off! It still stings, though!


rel=nofollowConnelly Barnes said...

I know what you mean. I broke a pair of Volkls (hit a rock and due to the edge not going to the tip the edge pulled off), K2s (half a backflip, snapped the tails), and Rossignols (pushed them against hard ice while sliding down the face headfirst, they were short, weren't designed to take downward force, and snapped in front of the binding). I once bent some Volkls due to skiing into a mogul field by accident at high speed.

So I guess for half of these cases the design of the ski could've been better, but it always hurts to look down, see that the ski is snapped, and with a sinking feeling realize that the ski is no longer made.

It's not as bad as the end of a relationship in my experience, but then my only relationship did end very badly, so...