Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Do you have a good online shopping cart?

So you’ve got a plan for a home-based online business and you want to use a site like eBay. You’ve got your products lined up, your distribution line set, and you even have warehousing solutions. Regardless of whether you use eBay or another online site for selling – even your own website – you will need a fast and effective way for your potential customers to pay for their items and check out. It might seem rather academic, but a quality shopping cart is key to a successful businesses. I can say that I have come across some sites that were just a real pain to deal with and it made me not want to shop with the merchant again. The truth is; these sites weren’t using Ashop Commerce shopping cart software on their site. Ashop has ecommerce solutions for all types on online sellers and you can even demo their products before you purchase.


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