Friday, December 28, 2007

Yep, I want to see some records get broken

We all hold aged sports records so dear to us, but after one has been broken, we seem to long for it to happen again and again. We only need to look back to the late 1990's with the home run pursuit in baseball to see how invigorated fans were by the multiple chases going on. Granted, there is a little controversy behind those to say the least, but the fan reaction was amazing. I may not have been a fan of Sammy Sosa or Mark McGuire, but I was into those chases and loved seeing the fan reactions. As for Barry Bonds, I'll just leave that topic alone 'cause getting sick isn't my top priority for the day, but regardless of scandals and this and that, we all love to see records get broken. In my case, any records held by Peyton Manning needs to be broken, and fast. While Dan Marino held on to the single season touchdown record for over 20 years, it looks like Manning's grasp will over last a little over 2 as the Patriots, led by Tom Brady will take on the New York Giants this weekend. Brady is one touchdown pass short of tying the record and two of breaking it. The likelihood of this not happening Saturday night is remote and for all of us Manning haters, it couldn't come soon enough. And while I would like to see Randy Moss get the Rice record as well, for receiving touchdowns in a single season, I'm a little more ambivalent that this one. I'm sure it will happen, but quite frankly, Brady's my man.