Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Mall Chronicles - Volume 1

I've sort of been thinking about writing about "the mall" my whole life. Yes, that sounds sad, but really, the mall is the quintessential people-watching playground where on any given day you can see things that you only imagine or perhaps have never imagined. My fascination of the mall sub-culture goes back to my pre-teen years when my mom used to take my sister, her best friend, and I there every Wednesday as our school got out at noon. I recall memories of acid-washed jeans, Iron Maiden patches on denim jackets, high that nearly reached the top of the atrium, and enough make up to fill a Tiffany concert, and those were just the guys!
So what is my point? Am I just here making fun of this creation of 80's? Absolutely not. I love the mall, as long as I don't have to spend too much time there. I went tonight to do some Christmas, or holiday shopping, as it were, and while I'm still a little nauseous from watching some guy get a massage with his face implanted in a sweaty cushion that had been used by God knows how many people, I was pleased with my purchases and even got a little nostalgic.
And I bring you "The Mall Chronicles," which will be a variety of musings on life, love, and the pursuit of Phoebe Cates; while sharing some stories, poking a little fun, and perhaps taking just a glimpse back to the glory days of mall culture. So don't be afraid to pop in your favorite Poison CD - or tape - and I invite you to share with me. Whereas I'm sure my postings will come at random times, but hopefully will bring a smile to face of at least a few of you. Rock on!


rel=nofollowSheila said...

Man! I wasn't cool enough to get to go to the mall often... my mother was just a smidge more than over protective!

Saving Sheila

rel=nofollowLaskiGal said...

Oh how I long for the 80's! I wasn't "blessed" enough to sport the big bangs and geometrical patterned fashion nor did I ever own a Cabbage Patch or master the Rubik's Cube, but boy did I love the music!

rel=nofollowJules said...

This is going to be best blog about the Mall, ever. I can't wait.

Connie said...

Can't wait for more on the mall. I love people watching and being indoors makes it more comfortable to do.

Keep it coming!

rel=nofollowJason X said...

Do it. I spent a good deal of time during my teen years trying to pick up on cute girls at the mall. Not so much now because they quickly escort me off the premises.

rel=nofollowDawn said...

me neither, Sheila!
Great post, looking forward to reading more. :)
LOL, Jason X.

rel=nofollowmellowed blues said...

Malls are cool. My mom would let me hangout at the mall with my friends all the time when I was a kid.

I mean, thats the best place to be when you are a kid. The movie theaters are in the mall. The arcades are in the mall. The cute girls are in the mall.

What's there not to like? Well I guess the Michael Bolton music that malls love to play.