Sunday, June 24, 2007

Writer's Block

It's that inevitable thing that happens to every writer at some point of whatever project he or she is working on. The ideas stop coming and frustration sets in. A writer can stare at the same page for hours, days, weeks, well you get it, but my block is quite different. So different it's odd and I can't explain it, so figured I would try to write about it here. That idea first came about 4 days ago! Told you...

In truth, I haven't done any writing that isn't insurance-related, for several weeks. What's worse is that I haven't written any fiction for months. I have written some ideas, but no prose or dialogue. I have a draft that is ready to be re-written and sent to a prospective publisher, but I can't seem to get the motivation to do the draft. What gives? So if you are a writer and are wondering why I think this is any different than any other type of writer's block, well that's because I actually think about new projects, characters, writing ideas, memoir ideas, and things that get me excited to write, but then a few minutes later, it's gone. It's like these ideas happen at work, in dreams, while I'm looking at some hot chick's butt at the gym, or any other time that just doesn't work with putting pen to paper.

Maybe just getting this out on here will help, but I don't know. I used to be so obsessed and good about writing a certain amount each day or editing a certain amount each day. Now all I can do is dream about it. Someone help me!