Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Beer League

Spring in Maine means many things to many people. As snow-covered hills turn to mud and later to lush green grass, people search for what it is about the season that makes them happy. Thousands of people take late afternoon walks, some take trips, many get out the golf clubs and hit the links, others find ample time to plant flowers, and then there are those that take part in a true rite of spring – corporate softball leagues. Let’s not confuse the corporate part of the name; these leagues are the great American past time known fondly as “beer leagues.”

For me, it had been more than seven years since I had taken part in such a program, but when called upon several weeks ago, I couldn’t resist. The beer, not so much, but beer league softball is something everyone should try. Last night, my team, Know Skils, took on the aptly named Team 7. While my teammates and I had yet to taste victory this season, the variety of beers, burgers, and laughs have been innumerable.

True, there are some who really take this league seriously and scoff at those of us who get excited by scoring a couple runs or perhaps laugh when we fall on out butts, but by-in-large, everyone is out for fun. It’s a nice Monday evening reprieve from the confines of the office place and an opportunity to bond with co-workers while forgetting all about the work that will always be there on our desks the next day.

In the bottom of the 7th inning, Know Skils took the field with a 1-run lead. Sure, we laughed as loudly as ever before, but in truth, we were 3 short outs from win number one. Despite a commensurate number of beer cans in out players’ hands as softball gloves, we staved off our newfound foes and lamented our place in the standings – just one game out of the cellar. So if you get the chance, grab a bat and head out with your friends after work. Get the grill going and start telling lies. It’s beer league season when good times are had by all, even if you don’t drink beer.