Sunday, June 17, 2007

Welcome to the Blue World!

Ironically, I'm not even 33-years-old and yet here I am with a blog entitles "33 is the new blog." Why, you ask? First, I will be the aforementioned age in several weeks, but that isn't the real reason. You see, I think it encompasses a state of mind that gets lost among folks our age. We head to work in the morning, come home, kiss our wives or girlfriends on the forehead, have dinner, watch the game on TV, and head to bed. In short, we've become our parents. That isn't a bad thing, it's just that about 3 years ago, I found myself wanting to be younger when I realized that it has nothing to do with how old I am, but rather, how old I feel.

In truth, 33 isn't old regardless of how we think, but the point is, forget about sitting around while the wold happens before you. Get out and take part. That's what I did. I no longer marvel at some young stud ripping it up on the ski slope. I get out there and do it myself. So if the 4-walled-cube has you down, pack up your bags and get out of Dodge! If you get a chance, book a flight to Reno, Neveda, drive about an hour south and immerse yourself in the Blue World. The mountains and lake are you are millions of years old. As for you, well, that all depends on you attitude!