Tuesday, August 21, 2007

OAR in Disturbia!

Last Thursday brought dark skies, crashing thunder, and lightning flashing throughout the New Hampshire sky as OAR took the stage in Gilford at Meadowbrook Farms. While thousands of fans, young and old, made their way to the shores of the state's largest lake, Stephen Cooper opened with an eclectic mix of covers, upbeat rifts, and praise for the band that made a name for his new label, Everfine Records.

Sandwiched between the young jammer and perhaps the country's most successful college band (Yes, oxymoron intended) was Augustana. While the crowd was anxious for the headliners to take the stage, chants for the hit "Boston" rang through the pavilion. While opening for a band that everyone else came to see must be hard on an up and coming act, Augustana was a real treat for those with patience. The seamless melodies and wonderful range of the lead singer were pleasing and soothing.

Playing a 2-hour set mixed with new and old tunes, OAR didn't disappoint. Oddly, they opened with "52-50" and closed their encore with "Love and Memories," but didn't leave the crowd without some of the bands long list of favorites from their years of touring just about everywhere. Patrons may have left in anger without the obligatory rendition of "Crazy Game of Poker," but this kid, the song of the night was "Road Outside Columbus." And while I would have loved to hear "Hey Girl," "About An Hour Ago," and "I Feel Home;" I've heard them all live before and was pleased to hear some lesser known songs and new material.

I look forward to OAR's next trip to New England and having gone to the show with my girlfriend, I'm willing to bet that OAR's unique blend of rock, melodious rifts, unbeatable horns, and a little reggae mixed in; have won over another fan!