Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dream On

Do remember the last time you dreamt? No, I'm not talking about last night while you slept soundly and entered that 5th stage of sleep. I'm talking about the last time you did an inventory of your life, what it is, what it was, what you want or have always wanted it to be. Perhaps many people wanted to be astronauts or firemen. Maybe you dreamed of being a CPA? Who knows? I only mentioned this because it seems that all too often, we get caught up in what life is and not what we want life to be.

I'm not a philosopher, a sociologist, or a psychologist, but for my often quiet demeanor and shy approach to crowds; I know people and I have known a lot of folks who have gone in just about every direction possible. While Jules and I were out sailing today, the topic came up and I recall mentioning a guy I know - a friend of both of us - who suffers from fairly frequent bouts of depression. I only know because I've known him a long time, but interestingly, he and I were chatting a few days back and he mentioned that even on his darkest days, when he barely wants to get out of bed, he continues to dream about what the future holds. I recall smiling because as I go through my longs days of thankless work and often sleepless nights, I haven't lost sight of what I want. The truth of the matter is that dreams don't happen over night. Sadly, many don't happen at all, but don't ever let either of those realities keep you from dreaming about what you want. And then take the next step. Step out of your shell and go after those dreams. Along the way you may falter now and again (you wouldn't be human if you didn't), but when you begin to reach your dreams, you'll look back and smile.