Friday, July 13, 2007

Green Compromise?

Now to a topic that has been bothering me, which happens to be loosely related Sugarloaf Mountain, at least in location. The deal is this; we in Maine, like most other places, have been taken over by everything Green. No. I'm not saying that I'm against improving the environment. Of course I am I want to improve the environment, but these people are off the wall. They often say one thing and do another and cross political lines more often then democrats seeking votes. The sad fact in Southern Maine is that some of these folks have taken their agendas to places they should just STAY out of. Don't get me wrong, anyone who is qualified should be able to run for elected office, but there are certain elected offices that do not have political affiliation. For example, if you go to the polls and vote for an office and that person's affiliation is NOT next to their name, there's a reason for that. The most egregious example of this is with the Portland School District. That's right, the Portland School Board is made up of elected officials who are supposed to represent the best interests of Portland's residents and not their own political aspirations, but I'm sorry folks, this is just not the case. This past year we had up to 3 members of the school board who were/are outspoken Green party members. While I have a pretty good idea what party the other members may belong to, they don't talk about it and certainly don't run as a part affiliate. I won't mention the three (Oops! 2 now) members names, but to think they are on the board to serve the people rather than get a foothold towards higher elected office and to broaden the exposure of their party, is wrong. This is not a rant against Green members, but those individuals and those who support them. It's irresponsible and shameful.
My other current gripe with environmentalist is more frustrating because it deals with our future sources of power and the ever-growing debate about alternative energy. For all that care, I think alternative energy is GREAT. I too, wish we could be less dependent on oil and perhaps we will get there, but folks, those of you that are pushing harder than other need to pick a side and stick to it. You either want other resources that are clean and efficient or you don't. If you, do, some sacrifices need to be made. I say this because here in Maine we have had a great opportunity to produce energy with the use of wind turbines. in Western Maine. One farm has already been established in northern Maine and another, larger one was proposed for a mountaintop near Sugarloaf. The amount of power this would produce is immense, but when the meetings came to a close and the LURC votes had been cast, it was turned down as the turbines would not only be seen from hikers and nature lovers, but a few bats might not see them. Are you kidding me? When CLEAN environmentally friendly energy opportunities like this come up, we must take them and being hypocritical is nonsense. Some people are their own worst enemies and will never be happy. Yes, a smaller version of the western Maine wind farm has been proposed and we will see what complaints surface this time...