Wednesday, July 25, 2007

33 is upon us... well at least upon me...

Yep, as the title denotes, today marks my 33rd birthday. It caps a year of many highs and indeed some frustrating lows - one of which I am in the midst of dealing with at this very moment, and for that reason, I will keep this brief. I will say, however, that for all that have known and loved Ginger, if only for a short time, it is sad, but a long life has been lived. When I took her home, I doubt as though I would have had such feelings in dealing with the loss of an animal, but in essence, she became a part of me and me her.

Ginger was left on the doorstep of Pet Quarters in 2003 when my then girlfriend went to the store and brought her back to our apartment. Two years later, Jen and I split and she decided that Ginger was to go to the Humane Society, in the hope that a family would take her home... again. Clearly Jen hadn't grasped the whole commitment thing when she brought Ginger home, but alas, I couldn't allow her to be at the mercy of another shelter and I brought her with me.

For a time, many thought it was odd that I had a guinea pig. Quite frankly, it was, but what was more odd was that she had come close to death twice and battled back to squeak another day. I don't really know what age these animals are supposed to live to, but Ginger was at least 6, if not years older. She came to us in 2003, very quiet, standoffish, and almost fearful of humans. Why wouldn't she be? After these past 4 years, she has been nothing but a cute little girl who brought happiness to me, my family, my nieces, my girlfriend, and many more.

So as the day of my birthday comes to a close, I choose not to celebrate myself, but to celebrate the life of someone I couldn't have imagined I would love. This is not my day. With the heaviest of hearts, but the fondest of memories, I thank you and love you, Ginger. Signed: Dad.